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( ^r~f?no 



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Circular / 

Conf Pam q#33 


C I H C U L ^^ R 



(^tlAUTK.R.MASTUU (IE.XKRAI/S OkFK U,, Vv., Di'c'r 1, ISGl. 


OffictTs and soldiers iiiulcr nrdiTs. and cm (ifficial 

(^iiarti'rniastcrs'cU'rks, iiiuk'r (inlci's. 

Soldiers left behind, sicl;, (ir liv aieidiiit, and leeiinls willi nideis, are entitltd tn IraiisiKirtation fn llieir companies. 

Sick and wmnided soldiers, an order lor Iransiiortation from a Jledical Director or from the Surgt-'on Cieneral, h> me 

and hack. 
■Soldiers honoraldy diseliaifred. 
Rejected reernits. 

Officers and scddiers transferred liv order of tlie^War Depailment or General cuin maudiii};. 

^ Horses ot officers accorHin^To re}rniu'''on allowance. 
A.ssistant .Snrtreons on diil>', ol)eyin,ir first order. 

'Ihe remains i f deceased i (Fieers and soldieis, with an escoil ofone man. 
-'ores and snpplies for troops or hosjiitals. 
Lanndresses, musicians and colored cooks, when travclinfr with their companies or regin-.ents, and when discharged. 


Resifrned and disniisiSed oflicers, and tliosi- iiermitted to exchange stations. 

Civilians receiving appoinlnicnt. e.xcejit Assistant .'burgeons. 

< lllieers and men on furlong. i or leave of ahsence. 

( 'ivilians hringing recndts and ciintiiliutioi.s for volunteers. 

Civilians who have rendered voluntary service arc not entitled liy reason thereof. 

( Iflieers on sick furlough. 

Horses for chajilains. 


Soldiers im sick furlouudi, without orders from a Jledical L)irect<n\ 

Snlistilutes, andsoldiers who are relieved hy substitutes. 

Persons in charge of officers" horses. 


V Persons who go for the remains of soldiers nuist have an order from a tjuarteruuister. 
-^ — i^rsrsmust have an lu'der from the .'^m-geon General or a Jk'dical Director. 


State officers have no authority to give orders upon the C'onfedcrate States Government fm- transportation. 

The orders of army officers for transportatitui for other than legitimate army business will not be respected. 

'I'ransportation will not be given on verbal orders; and the papers jirescnted must always be in the ])ropcr form. 

The jiractice heretofore existing of sending recruiting oflicers from tlie army has been jiridiibitcd by the Secretary of\Ynr. 

Officers are required to use great discretion in sending details from their commands, and to confine them to strictly 

necessary Imsiness This is urged in conse(pienee of the great abuse in this respect which has heretofore jirevailcd. 
Transportation for guards or details must eudiraci' the whole party. 
Recruits must Imve a I'crtifieate of fitness from an .Vrmy Surgeon. 

(^luartermastcrs nmst always endorse on discharges : " 'I'ransportation furnished in kind." 
(^luartermasfers will be careful not to give transjiortation for " sutlers' stores." 
(^)uartermasters have no )>ower to delegate to others authority to sign for them. 
Officers and soldiers must not be deprived of their orders or furloughs. 
Public stores must not be sent by mail train without special orders from Quartermaster General. 

Id^ Offirrrx al thr ilijj'nt)il posts trill he governed hy thttc instructiam. 

Quartermaster General.